With President George W. Bush long out of office and Justice Samuel Alito taking the place of retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the “Draft Prado” movement has dissipated and it is time for a new chapter. Moving forward, this site will be drawing focus to a new cause – improved well-being and health for Americans. Health is an important topic when it comes to the discussion of protecting the life and liberty of citizens. There are many medical conditions which can be mitigated by providing people with more information and education about the daily habits and routines that lead to them, and how to avoid or offset the effects through proper care, nutrition, and exercise.

We now have problems such as “sitting disease” and the “obesity epidemic” – problems which stem directly from the lifestyle we have adapted as a developed country. These issues are not caused by an absence of sanitary conditions, clean drinking water, proper hygiene, or access to nutrition (although for some families in the U.S. these are still all very real problems, unfortunately). Rather, these problems are a result of the ubiquity of fast food and junk food, the shift towards more desk jobs, and lack of physical activity among other things. While I don’t claim to have a clear cut solution to any of those issues as they are more complicated than one would first imagine, I can offer tips for healthy living so that readers at least have the knowledge to adjust their habits and routines for an improved quality of life for themselves and their families.

My husband is a chiropractor who has many years of experience treating patients with various medical conditions. He often laments about how many of these problems could have been prevented if only his patient had been given access to the necessary information to make better lifestyle choices or take better care of themselves. Many times, there are things that they wished they would have known sooner, and would have readily been willing to change if they knew it was causing harm to their bodies. It’s not always the obvious bad habits such as smoking, drugs, alcohol, or overeating. Sometimes it’s the more innocuous things such as poor posture, high heels, sitting for extended hours, or an imbalanced diet.

That is why I feel it is important to maintain a blog where I can share health information with you. Whether it is easy and quick tips for better living or how to sit smarter if you have a desk job, I hope that my advice can help you avoid future pain and medical problems. Thank you for taking the time to read, and I hope that you continue to follow along. I’m not going to claim that the tips I provide will save your life – although they very well could – but at the very least, this information will now be at the back of your mind for you to consider. And if you ever decide it’s time to take your preventive care into your own hands, the knowledge is there.